Just how do you wish you brand to be positioned (to stand out) in the mind of your target consumer? Cimigo will help you to test, iterate and optimise your brands positioning for each target segment. Typically using a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques, Cimigo will assess the positioning that your brand can deliver, that attracts your target consumers and differentiates you in the competitive landscape.

Cimigo will review perceptual maps, strengths and weakness from normalised analysis of your brand equity audit or segmentation before iterating in a qualitative environment the best positioning for your brand.

Cimigo will help you make better choices on the focus for your positioning, depending on the stage of consumer development in your category.

For example:

Cimigo will help you choose the best proof points by assessing quantitatively the priority benefits and optimal reason to believe “fit” using the benefit and reason to believe (BAR) analysis model.

Over the last 20 years Cimigo has built the brand positioning for hundreds of brands and even more target groups. Many still stand today, although Cimigo has worked with clients to evolve them as competition has intensified and consumer needs have matured.

Most importantly Cimigo will coach you on how to keep your proposition simple and avoid the trap of a verbose brand manifest, DNA or architecture. Ultimately, Cimigo will help you keep all stakeholders clearly aligned on the positioning and the portrait of the consumer whom you are targeting.