Cimigo provide solutions that will help you make better choices. All good research starts with the knowledge of the decisions which you, the client, need to make.

  1. The majority of Cimigo’s clients’ needs are very unique to their decisions. Cimigo address these needs with a customised approach to help them make better choices.

  2. Cimigo RapidSurvey provides standard solutions for simple choices. RapidSurvey is designed for speed and cost efficiency, so you make better simple tactical choices.

Cimigo RapidSurvey
Rapid low-cost answers to tactical marketing choices.
Experience management
Employee, customer and user experience.
Marketing planning
Exploration, brand equity audits and segmentation.
Marketing strategy
Targeting, positioning and SMART objectives.
Marketing tactics
Innovation, concept, product, pack, price, advertising and route to market.
Shopper insights
Shopper ethnography, post shop interviews and in store measurement.
Data collection
Quantitative surveys, qualitative approaches, online panel, quality control and test facilities.