Segmenting the consumer landscape relative to behaviour, attitudes, occasion-based needs, motivations and brand positioning enables Cimigo to help you define which segment and which positioning a brand should embark on.

Cimigo’s approach will typically follow four stages:

  • Audit of existing research.
  • Management interviews to understand needs, expectations and their viewpoint on how the market is changing.
  • Qualitative in depths and focus groups using projection techniques to understand the rational and emotional drivers of behaviour.
  • Quantitative interviews analysed using latent class cluster analysis to reveal the segments and their demographics, channels and touchpoints.
  • Deploying the segmentation across the business.
  • Deploying segment identifier tools for marketing, sales and research to implement.
  • Building portraits of consumer segments and creating segment personas.
  • Qualitative ethnography visits to provide a deeper understanding and portraits of the prioritised consumer segments.

Life insurance segmentation example

Summarising individual segments within life insurance

Cimigo will help you make better segment choices. Cimigo’s segmentations are: