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Market research in Vietnam and Indonesia


Cimigo will tell you what works with your target customer, so you can quickly make the best choices.


Cimigo’s marketing research experts in Vietnam and Indonesia will help you make better choices.


Cimigo market research in Vietnam and Indonesia will find the opportunities you need to leverage. Cimigo will reduce the risks inherent in the choices you face.


Your commercial and marketing decisions constantly involve choices. Cimigo’s market research will ensure you remain grounded and customer centric. We put the voice of the customer into the heart of your decision-making process.


Whether complex decision modelling or a (seemingly) simple design choice, Cimigo will help you make the optimal choices. Working with Cimigo and Cimigo’s team will enable you to make the best choices for your business quickly.

Why work with our market research agency in Vietnam and Indonesia?


The Cimigo market research agency began operations in 2003. Cimigo has 120 research experts to guide you. Take a look at Cimigo’s great team here.


Just imagine how many choices we have guided since 2003, how many businesses and brands we have helped develop and grow by enabling better informed decisions.


Cimigo’s clients do not leave us. Cimigo learn from clients and they in turn learn from Cimigo. Cimigo have helped clients plan their market entry, develop services and products which win locally, optimise their route to market and build portfolios that have stood the test of time.


We continuously learn together; it is a reciprocal partnership that has endured since 2003.


Whether building brands for rice or mutual funds, Cimigo have faced most business cases. Cimigo’s humble beginning was propelled by consumer goods and as both
Vietnam and Indonesia have evolved, so have our breadth and depth of customer experience.

Our market research customers in Vietnam and Indonesia

Our market research in Vietnam and Indonesia

Cimigo’s amazing market research teams engage clients on their choices across; financial services, automotive, healthcare, retail, education, travel, hospitality and consumer goods. Today Cimigo is helping clients make better choices across a wide spectrum of commercial and marketing choices. See what our clients have to say here.


Cimigo engage with your customers in innovative ways to uncover customer insights. Cimigo will seek out your customers thoughts and emotions at great depth. Cimigo use a multi-faceted mix of online, mobile and in person approaches to understand what motivates your customers.

Islamic banking to e-wallets.

Wet markets to e-commerce.

Airlines to ride a hailing.

Analgesics to vaccines.

Hospitals to wellbeing mobile applications.

English language schools to e-leaning platforms.

TV to Tik-tok audiences.

Motorbikes to electric cars.

Retail expansion to super application developments.

Market research reports in Vietnam and Indonesia

Cimigo regularly publishes consumer and market research reports from Vietnam and Indonesia.

Jul 23, 2024

Inside the Euros 2024: Audience Insights and Advertising Potential in Vietnam

Euros 2024: Understanding the viewer base This year, the Spanish national team emerged victorious, defeating England 2-1 in a nail-biting final. The

Mar 20, 2024

Vietnam uninterrupted – a 20 year journey

Price is US$ 40 | VND 990,000 Discuss large-volume orders with us at

Sep 18, 2023

Indonesia economic outlook 2023

A free report from Cimigo market research on Indonesia Economic Outlook report 2023.  Cimigo assesses the economic trends and expectations for

Jul 03, 2024

2024 Vietnam economic outlook

The 2024 Vietnam economic outlook herein provides a short update on Vietnam’s economic progress year-to-date June 2024. Key areas covered are

Feb 27, 2023

Vietnam consumer trends report 2023

A free report from Cimigo market research on Vietnam Consumer Trends 2023.  Cimigo assesses the consumer trends and expectations for 2023 in

Jul 01, 2024

Vietnam PMI June 2024

The report for Vietnam PMI June 2024 can be downloaded here. Cimigo market research has collected the Vietnam Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index

Our market research team in Vietnam and Indonesia