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Indonesian consumers on Jakarta’s pollution and ganjil genap

A Cimigo study of Indonesian consumers on Jakarta’s Air Pollution and Ganjil Genap expansion.  Indonesian consumers in Greater Jakarta caste a spotlight on Jakarta’s air pollution. As one of the most densely populated megapolitan areas in Southeast Asia, the city seeks to cope with explosive population and economic growth. Jakarta’s air pollution comes from a

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Behavioural economics meets Vietnam marketing

This is the Behavioural economics meets Vietnam marketing presentation given at Cimigo’s Consumer Choices seminar on November 15th, 2019.  Cimigo shares how behavioural economics impacts Vietnam marketing. Cimigo hosted a consumer choices seminar – Learn how consumers think fast and think slow.

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Vietnam consumer trends 2019

Cimigo market research releases their annual perspective on the Vietnam consumer trends to watch out for in 2019. The presentation unveils what drives the phenomenal success of Vietnam. Vietnam unleashed 1. Rapid urbanisation demands ultra convenience in Vietnam. 2. Vietnam now the most interconnected trading nation globally. 3. Increasing intra Asia trade and investment for

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Public reactions to the Jakarta MRT

The Jakarta MRT is the long-awaited public transport solution for Jakarta’s notorious traffic gridlock. Phase 1 took 5+ years to build, and was officially launched on 24 March 2019. By May 2019, the system carries 70-80K passengers per day on weekdays, and 90K or more per day on weekends and holidays. Cimigo spoke to 300

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