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Consumer behaviour at Ramadhan Covid-19

Consumer behaviour at Ramadhan and Idul Fitri during Covid-19 is markedly different than prior years.  In 2020, Indonesian Muslims are observing the holy month of Ramadhan and celebrating Idul Fitri (the Eid festival) in very different circumstances with the Covid-19 pandemic. Large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus have been

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Cimigo Planning for the Bounce Back

The Cimigo Planning for the Bounce Back webinar presentation addresses marketing planning for the bounceback. We all look forward to the bounce, those whom will benefit the most will be well prepared, they will have adjusted their marketing plans and media mix. There will be no revenge spending spree, as a new normal appears it will be

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2020 Vietnam Market Trends

A short presentation and quiz addressing 2020 Vietnam market and consumer trends.  The approach seeks to readdress many conception and misconceptions behind consumer and market trends in Vietnam.

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Indonesian consumers on Jakarta’s pollution and ganjil genap

A Cimigo study of Indonesian consumers on Jakarta’s Air Pollution and Ganjil Genap expansion.  Indonesian consumers in Greater Jakarta caste a spotlight on Jakarta’s air pollution. As one of the most densely populated megapolitan areas in Southeast Asia, the city seeks to cope with explosive population and economic growth. Jakarta’s air pollution comes from a

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