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Living with the pandemic

Indonesia consumer research: Living with the pandemic In our series monitoring the impact of the pandemic on consumer behaviour in Indonesia, Cimigo conducted consumer research to uncover how consumers habits and attitudes have adapted to the current conditions, and what, if any, has changed since our previous report at the height of the initial Covid-19

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2020 Vietnam Market Trends

A short presentation and quiz addressing 2020 Vietnam market and consumer trends.  The approach seeks to readdress many conception and misconceptions behind consumer and market trends in Vietnam.

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TET Vietnam Unveiled

Winning Tet Vietnam is critical to your annual sales forecasts. Cimigo will give you a competitive advantage by understanding consumers during this coming Tet. Cimigo interviewed 800 consumers quantitatively, engaging with consumers across twelve focus groups pre and post Tet, accompanying shoppers for their Tet shopping and engaging with forty consumers throughout Tet on our

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Benchmarking Tet Ads

Cimigo will tell you Tet advertising communicated effectively. Cimigo have quantitatively evaluated these 12 Tet Ads to assess which are cutting through, communicating on message and positively impacting their brand. Each TVC has been tested amongst a minimum of 150 of the target audience. The Cimigo AdTraction TVC test presents how your TVC performs on

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