May 28, 2021

A leading service provider in the telecommunications industry was challenged by a lack of differentiation in service delivery across competitors. The challenge was how to compete effectively without resorting to price competition.


Together we developed a new customer experience strategy and implementation plan across the business. All new product and service development is now built around this strategy, better meeting customers’ current and preventing customer churn.

Better choices

Today our relationship continues as we track the experience of key customer segments across channels. Cimigo enable better choices in prioritising service levels by segment and touchpoints. In turn we continuously reduce churn and improve customer experience continuously.

Promoting retirement plans – simply

May 28, 2021

“Why on earth would I save for my retirement; I have had four children; I’ve educated them

Morning relief

May 28, 2021

"It is all I can do to get them presentable and clean in the morning.

Innovation programme

May 28, 2021

Building a beverage innovation