Jun 22, 2021

A well-known bank was suffering from bad social media reviews and low customer experience metrics.  The bank had invested heavily in technology to make it easier for customers and had a strong outbound brand image but still customers were feeling alienated.


Cimigo started with at the heart of the matter and focused on their staff. The old adage ‘People make an organisation’ has no greater relevance than in the service industry. It’s not what you do; it’s how you do it. 

Better choices

By exploring employee experience, Cimigo began to see why. The development of their digital touch points and brand expression had bypassed the employees completely. Without employee buy in, understanding and call to action, the brand could not develop connectivity (digitally or in person) with their customers. 

Cimigo focused on building a stronger emotional connection between the brand and its employees. Brand engagement at this level, then resonated with customers to deliver significant customer WOW moments. Moments of delight which make an impression, get talked about and build advocacy.

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Stuck not loyal

Jun 22, 2021

"My bank is ok I’ll probably stick with it. I wouldn’t recommend it to