Pack choice solution

Whether you are launching a new variant, pack format, size or limited edition packaging you can quickly make the best choice.

Cimigo evaluates the packs you wish to choose from and provides a competitive comparison.

What’s included:

Pack choice solution quickly enables you to choose the best pack to achieve your marketing objectives.

Packaging is the embodiment of your brand’s proposition. Without packing there would be no differentiation. Most packs continuously evolve to stay contemporary whilst preserving readily identifiable brand assets.

Pack choice compares new designs with current designs and where available includes a competitor pack to determine preference. Key areas investigated are detailed below.

Pack associations

A set of statements on an opposing scale are asked for each pack. These are compared across the packs included in the study in your results dashboard. There are mandatory statements below and you are able to add your own optional statements.

Pack associations (dashboard example)

Pack messaging

These questions determine how well the pack communicates the intended positioning.

Pack aesthetics

These questions determine how consumers feel towards the pack tested in terms of the pack aesthetics. 

Pack overall appeal

Overall, the pack is assessed on liking with follow-up open questions to explore what is liked and what is disliked to provide further diagnostics on the packs tested.

Overall liking (dashboard example)

Pack preference

Pack preference across packs tested is determined by asking consumers to rank their preference towards the packs included in your test.

Pack preference (dashboard example)

Brand recognition

Brand recall of each pack shown is also assessed to establish whether the correct branding is recalled.

Brand recognition (dashboard example)

Pack tests with eye tracking

Eye tracking may be selected and deployed (at additional cost) in addition to survey questions in your Pack Choice study. Eye tracking helps you to determine the impact the pack has on shoppers in-store and on the shelf.  Eye tracking is a virtual solution that can be conducted with the target group online. 

Consumers are asked permission to turn on their device camera and for Cimigo to track their eye movements. Consumers are led through a series of tasks to evaluate the packs included in your test on the virtual shelf and also individually.

Packs (including competitors) are shown on a virtual shelf so that you can learn how shoppers scan their shopping environment and just what grabs attention.

You will be asked to upload more competitive packs for shelf preparation. Cimigo will automatically arrange competitive shelf displays including your tested packs in various planograms. Your tested packs are included in different shelf positions across a series of randomised planograms.

The ability to gauge exactly what is looked at, for how long and in what order enables Cimigo to help you make better decisions on which pack option to pursue and how best to optimise it.

Eye tracking enables Cimigo to determine:

Heatmaps show you which products are looked at most – those which are “hot” are superior to those that are not.

Quantitative metrics allow you to identify which packaging is attracting first gaze and length of gaze to determine which attracts attention and which holds attention.

With eye tracking, you can identify what in the range is actually looked at and in what concentration.  Using “fixations” (i.e., when a consumer focuses) you have clear metrics on the speed at which a product is found; the extent to which it is focused on; and whether respondents come back to look at the product again. 

All of these metrics mean you can identify the effectiveness of a product standing out and therefore its ability to capture the attention of consumers.

In this Clear Asahi beer example, the gaze movement from mid-to-upper; indicates viewing of the brand logo and beer bubbles logo motif in the centre which includes a brand message.  Fixations demonstrate that most time is spent on the brewer’s name ahead of the brand variant. 

At the individual pack-level, Cimigo will also determine key messaging, hierarchy and fixations.  Hence you can determine in what order and for how long respondents spend on key elements of the packaging. This enables you to determine whether respondents are spending time (and seeing) key communication elements or whether they are confused or spending time on elements that are not helpful in increasing understanding of the brand and its features. 

Comparing across pack designs enables you to help you make better choices and to ensure your pack does not get left behind on the shelf.

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