Frequently asked questions

RapidSurvey – What is it?
RapidSurvey provides standard solutions for simple choices. RapidSurvey is designed for cost efficiency, so you make better simple tactical choices.
Who is RapidSurvey for?
RapidSurvey is ideal for: Established brands with limited funding; Startup looking for information; Global brands considering South-East Asia entry; Agencies and consultants; PR writer who need figures for their papers.
Can i create a project without an account?
No, you need to register for free. The process is very quick and easy especially via Google Connect.
If I save a project, logout and login again, will I be able to resume a saved project from where I left off?
Yes, the platform allows you to pick up your study from where you left it if you were logged in when you started the setup. Your project is automatically saved as draft and you will be able to continue the setup at a later point. You can find it in the project list with the status of “Draft”. During the time you maltipulate with a project. Almost all of your actions will be saved automatically by the system. But there are some actions/areas that need to be saved manually. Therefore, you might want to save these before logging out.
Can I decide the sample size on which I want to run my study?
Yes, you can choose your sample size in the target tab when setup your projects. We suggest that your sample size be at least 100 respondents in order to keep the quality of the result.
Can I use visuals and videos?
Yes, the materials you can provide will be determined by the solution you use to build your projects. Some solutions will ask you to upload images, while others will ask you to upload videos or other media.  
How long are surveys?
Surveys are typically 15 minutes in length. Also depending on your design and your custom question.
What’s new in RapidSurvey
Cimigo RapidSurvey offers a wide selection of solutions to suit the needs of small and large businesses. You can browse the RapidSurvey solutions page to see what meet your need.