May 28, 2021

Staying ahead of the ever-changing youth is always difficult but a leading financial services company needed to do precisely that. Longitudinal data proved the value in attracting customers when they reached university.


Cimigo designed and engaged, managed and motivated an online community specifically for new university goers. Cimigo kept the dialogue fresh using blogs, forums, media and video.

Better choices

The bank’s brand team is now able to talk with their prospective customers 24/7. Great for the university goer, his voice is heard real time. Maintaining a contemporary edge and resonating with what students like and their activities is essential to attract and retain these fickle customers. After all they have a life time of banking needs ahead of them.

Globally strong yet locally challenged

May 28, 2021

"It’s a couple of beers and some snacks with the gang after

Stretching the brand

May 28, 2021

A niche player in the personal care category planned to expand

Strategy development for customer experience

May 28, 2021

Addressing customer churn through improved experiences and pre-empting key moments with potential