Jun 30, 2021

A dairy company wanted to test a new product concept, so we tested multiple concepts to build the optional solution.


We spoke to 300 mums in an online survey, 100 with kids aged 0-12 months, 100 with kids aged 13-24 months and 100 with kids aged 24 to 36 months.  Each group were shown slightly different concepts. 

Better choices

The results enabled the client to choose a winning concept by age of child with a clear guide on how to make incremental improvements. The study took 7 days from start to finish and cost the brand only VND120,000,000.

Innovation programme

May 28, 2021

Building a beverage innovation

Discovery programme

May 28, 2021

A dominant player in a fast moving category embarked on

Stuck not loyal

Jun 22, 2021

"My bank is ok I’ll probably stick with it. I wouldn’t recommend it to