Jul 28, 2021

A new market entrant wanted to understand the best moments to own for children’s’ snacking. They wanted to understand the competitive landscape, key motivation and barriers to their category. Ultimately, they needed Cimigo’s advice on how best to enter the market.


Cimigo surveyed 1,500 mums across Vietnam demonstrating regional differences and the vast gap between nutrition sources for rural and urban kids. Key divers of choice, shopping channels to focus on and identifying where this client could win and where they should (and should not) compete.

Better choices

The study enabled portfolio choices for different consumer segments to be made. Cimigo was able to advise on pricing, pack sizing, geographic and channel launch priorities.  The results enable market entry the route to market decisions to be made and built into commercial plans quickly.  It cost the new entrant VND400,000,000 and took 15 days from start to finish.

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Jun 22, 2021

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