May 28, 2021

The opportunity was to increase customer loyalty to our client’s brand of cafes.  A challenge in a market with independent cafes around every corner and a plethora of new cafe chains competing for customers.


Cimigo spoke to customers some loyal many indifferent to their café choice.  Cimigo understood the triggers, the experience, the pain points and the needs yet to be met from a loyalty programme. We spoke to customers whilst they ordered and whilst enjoying their café. Cimigo garnered opinions from baristas and serving staff. We then quantified the drivers behind satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Better choices

Cimgio advised on how to build, promote and grow interest in a loyalty programme.  Cimigo advised on which communication channels make a difference and how to better demonstrate meaningful benefits. Quantitatively Cimigo demonstrated the financial benefits of building not simply new members but fewer quality members who became advocates of the programme – then the rest became easy.

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Jun 30, 2021

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Jun 30, 2021

A dairy company wanted to test a new product concept, so we tested two concepts to find the