Ad video choice solution

Ad video choice solution shows how your advertising performs on a set of standard metrics. Your advertising is compared to a benchmark of over 450 advertisements, to find out specific strengths and weaknesses.

Cimigo has the empirical knowledge to best advise you on what advertising works and what does not for your target group and category.

Ad video choice solution quickly enables you to choose the best video to achieve your marketing objectives. Quickly pre-test and choose the best video.

Your results will be made available to you on an online dashboard.

Ad video choice solution enables you to:

  • Quickly pre-test and choose the best video.
  • Optimise your video in post editing.
  • Improve the engagement in post editing.
  • Quickly post-test to diagnose your advertisement and adjust media investments accordingly.
  • Direct the post editing to create shorter versions from the original video.
  • Learn from each advertisement to improve your performance overtime.
  • Learn from your competitor’s advertising – be that a success or a failure.

What’s included:

Selecting your two video advertisements

Two advertisements are tested in an online survey on a rotated basis, one after the other (a sequential monadic design).

There are some scenarios to select your videos as follows:

  1. You may pre-test before launch and the two advertisements are options to choose from and optimise the best performing advertisement.
  2. You may pre-test before launch or post-test after launch and have only one advertisement video to test.  Typically, you will have performance standards (e.g., in the top 50% of the benchmark including over 450 videos tested) that must be met in order for the proposed advertisement to be optimised before launch.
    In this case the second video advertisement is for a comparison. This second advertisement video may be a current competitive brand advertisement or an advertisement which you know performed very well in the past for your own brand (or a competitor’s brand).  
  3. It is possible to include only one advertisement video in the test, however there is no price advantage to you when doing so. Cimigo advise testing two videos.

Ad video performance summary

Advertisements are compared to a benchmark of over 450 video advertisements tested by Cimigo.  References to Top X% (e.g. Top 25%) refer to the performance against a benchmark from over 450 video advertisements tested by Cimigo. The summary addresses performance;

  • Ranking overall performance against the benchmark.
  • Overall liking.
  • Reach and cut through.
  • Key message convincingness.
  • Attribute performance summary by dimension against the benchmark.
  • Key scenes liked.
  • Key scenes disliked.
Video summary (dashboard example)
Video summary (dashboard example)

Reach and cut through

Correct brand recall

Target consumers are asked to recall the correct brand in the video advertisement.  This assesses the strength of brand recall. Many video advertisements can lack brand impact and as a result advertise the category (or worse a competitor’s brand) and not their own brand.  This metric helps to ensure you are choosing the best option to advertise your brand and not the category.

Ad reach

For video advertisements that are already launched (i.e. post-launch tests) we assess the ad reach.  This is the percentage of the target consumers who have seen the advertisement previously.

Overall brand reach

The multiplication of the aforementioned correct brand recall by ad reach gives for an overall brand reach.

Attribute performance summary by dimension against benchmark

The ad video choice includes 24 standard attributes within 7 dimensions (detailed below). Your dashboard summary shows each dimension’s performance against a benchmark. References to Top X% (e.g. Top 5%) refer to the performance against a benchmark from over 450 video advertisements tested by Cimigo.

 dimension’s performance
Dimension’s performance

Ad video choice attribute performance by dimension

Detailed results on all attributes are included in the dashboard comparing each video advertisement tested.   An example for Neptune cooking oil is provided below for one of the seven dimensions; Ad appeal.

Attributes ratings (dashboard example)
Attributes ratings (dashboard example)

Ad diagnostics

Diagnostics demonstrate scenes and elements both liked and disliked by target consumers to assist in post editing and build learning for future advertisement development.

Ad diagnostics (dashboard example)
Ad diagnostics (dashboard example)

Ad most memorable scenes

To further assist in post-editing or editing for shorter versions in order to increase the audience opportunities to see (i.e. viewing frequency) the dashboard includes details on the most memorable scenes. This will also often be used to determine which key visuals are used in other through the line media.

Memorable scenes (dashboard example)
Memorable scenes (dashboard example)

Video advertising and emotional engagement

Facial imaging may be selected and deployed (at an additional cost) in addition to survey questions in your Ad video choice study. This helps you to determine the level of emotional engagement and which emotions are being evoked second by second. Cimigo use facial imaging to measure and analyse emotional response to advertising using the webcam or smartphone camera.

The dashboard results show you a second-by-second emotional engagement, translated from the 188 facial muscle movements into emotion. Emotive response determines how well the advertisement can become anchored into the long-term memory of the audience. Seven key emotions can be shown, the example below highlight just two emotions; happiness and sadness.

Emotion recognition (example)
Emotion recognition (example)

Emotions can be compared and highlighted on a second-by-second basis which supports post editing for all video lengths. Emotions are also compared to benchmarks to provide a relative understanding.

The most common impact of emotion response for the creative team is in determining frames within a story line that detract from the story. Specific images may create confusion and generate; fear, anger or disgust (in most cases this is never the intention of the story teller).

Variation in emotional response in a story line is perfect (like a good movie which makes you both cry and laugh out loud) but you want to leave the audience feeling good and ensure a negative emotion is followed by positive emotions.

Further emotional response by second becomes irreplaceable when clients seek to shorten longer video formats to shorter videos, in order to increase the audience opportunities to see (i.e. viewing frequency).

Dashboard example

This is a live example dashboard.


If you have questions, please do contact Cimigo at for support.

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