TrendTours: a new approach to innovation

Dec 01, 2012

Across Asia, the pace of growth is changing fast – the impact of digital, increased consumer spending and population changes has been the major game changer.

What people wanted yesterday, is not what they want today.  What people want today, is not what they’ll want tomorrow.

Businesses that don’t adapt to these changes will be left behind.

That’s where Cimigo TrendTours can help.  Our TrendTours are designed to provide rich, but compact immersions into the local marketplace. Above all, they are designed to generate ideas, increase knowledge and stimulate inspiration for your brand.

Each tour will showcase key perspectives on emerging trends in the local market that will affect your business in the future. We’ll take you onto the streets, into local businesses; we’ll connect you with the innovators and then we ‘ll take you right into consumers’ homes where you’ll gain first-hand experience and understanding of what it takes to deliver your product.

TrendTours are ideal for business leaders and marketing professionals who need to quickly understand where the local Asian market is today and where it is heading tomorrow.  Whether you are looking to expand into a new market or provide greater depth of insight into an existing one, our goal is to help you gain perspectives, develop deeper insights and translate them into profitable business strategy.



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