Indonesian Football Survey

Richard Burrage
Jun 28, 2024

Indonesia football survey, the national football team is a rising force and marketing goldmine.

Cimigo conducted a study on Indonesian national football team amongst the general public in June 2024. Cimigo interviewed more than 300 people aged 18 – 44 years old. The key findings are as below.

The Indonesian national football team (timnas) is gaining considerable attention and support from fans across the country. This enthusiasm is evident from a recent survey by Cimigo, which reveals a significant passion for football among Indonesians. The survey indicates that a staggering 78% of respondents actively follow the latest updates on the national football team, both at the senior and U23 levels. This fervor is not just confined to mere interest but extends to a deep-rooted satisfaction and optimism about the team’s performance on the international stage.

Indonesia a nation united by football

Football is more than just a sport in Indonesia; it’s a unifying force that brings people together. The Cimigo survey underscores this sentiment, showcasing the widespread engagement with the national team. The recent performance of the U23 team, which reached the semifinals of the AFC U23 2024 Championship, has further fueled national pride. Fans are not only satisfied with this achievement but are also hopeful that the team will continue to improve and achieve greater success on the international stage.

Indonesia football survey Cimigo team satisfaction 2024

This burgeoning interest in football reflects a broader trend of growing sports enthusiasm in Indonesia. The success of the U23 team serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging fans to believe in the potential of Indonesian football to make a mark globally. The sense of national pride and the collective aspiration for international recognition in football are palpable among the Indonesian populace.

Preferred media for football match viewing in Indonesia

Cimigo Indonesia football survey observes that the way Indonesians consume football content is also evolving. While local TV channels remain the most popular medium for watching matches, there is a notable shift towards digital platforms such as streaming applications and websites. This trend highlights the changing landscape of media consumption in Indonesia, where convenience and accessibility are becoming paramount.

Television, however, still holds a significant place in the hearts of many Indonesian football fans. The traditional viewing experience, coupled with the excitement of live broadcasts, continues to draw large audiences. On the other hand, the rise of streaming services reflects a growing preference for on-the-go viewing, allowing fans to watch matches anytime and anywhere.

Indonesia football survey Cimigo viewing media platform 2024

Advertising opportunities in Indonesia national football team

The enthusiasm for the national football team presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses to leverage this widespread interest for advertising. The Cimigo Indonesia football survey notes that viewers are exposed to various types of ads during matches, including running text, backdrop ads, superimposed graphics, credit titles, and ad-lib spots. Among these, running text ads have the highest reach, making them a particularly effective medium for advertisers.

Indonesia football survey Cimigo advertising exposure 2024.

With a 77% satisfaction rate among fans for the national team’s performance, the potential for impactful advertising is immense. Businesses can tap into this passionate fan base by placing ads during matches, capitalizing on the high levels of engagement and attention. The visibility provided by such advertisements can help brands connect with a vast and diverse audience, enhancing their market presence.

A bright future for Indonesian national football team

The future of Indonesian football looks promising, with increasing support and optimism from fans. The national team’s progress and the U23 squad’s impressive performance are testament to the potential of Indonesian football on the international stage. Cimigo predicts that as the team continues to grow and achieve, the opportunities for businesses to associate themselves with this success story are bound to expand.

In conclusion, the Indonesian national football team’s rising popularity and the public’s positive perception of their performance create a fertile ground for both the sport and related commercial ventures to flourish. The passion of Indonesian football fans is a powerful force that not only drives the team’s success but also presents a unique opportunity for businesses to reach a highly engaged and dedicated audience.


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