The rise of motorbike taxi ojek app mobile Indonesia Asia

Mobile Indonesia Asia

Cimigo, market research companies Indonesia Asia presents the latest consumer trends for mobile Indonesia Asia.

Mobile disrupts transport services Indonesia Asia

The year will be remembered as the year that mobile “Ojek” (motorcycle taxi) app services took off in Jakarta Indonesia.  Spearheaded by startup Go-Jek  the mobile app landscape in Indonesia Asia has been forever changed.  This novel mobile service in Indonesia has disrupted the transport landscape, giving Indonesians a convenient option to brave the city’s notorious traffic. Innovative valet services such as courier, food delivery and shopping added a new dimension of versatility to these motorbike taxis.

Go-Jek is so successful that it was the target of a strong negative backlash from traditional Ojeks, who have seen their source of livelihood literally swiped from them on smartphone screens everywhere. Even Malaysia-based GrabTaxi decided to enter the fray with its GrabBike brand to compete in this hot new market.



Consumer market research reports Indonesia Asia from Cimigo shows that half of all smartphone users in Jakarta are users of Ojek mobile app services, having at least one such mobile app installed on their smartphones.  Almost everyone in the mobile app Ojek market have used Go-Jek, a third have used GrabBike – usage of other brands is rare.  Two-thirds of the market is owned by Go-Jek exclusively – the majority of GrabBike users also use Go-Jek.  Mobile app based Ojek users use the service roughly 6-7 times a month – usage is relatively regular.  Personal transportation is the primary use of mobile app based Ojek services. Go-Jek’s innovative courier and delivery services are being utilised by about a third of the market. Hence the disruption has moved beyond motorbike taxi services and is impacting courier services and consumer behaviour for food delivery and shopping in Indonesia..

Cimigo interviewed males and females aged 15-50 in Jabodetabek whom own a smartphone from economic classes ABCD in December 2015. Read the report here.

Cimigo digital market research agency Indonesia Asia

Cimigo Indonesia is an Asian focused consumer market research agency, we pride ourselves on being agile aided by the use of the latest technology to capture the true voice of consumers in Indonesia, Asia. All of our data collection is digital in Indonesia.

Cimigo Indonesia operates from nine cities in Indonesia.   Cimigo has forty market researchers in Indonesia and three hundred field interviewers armed with tablets. Cimigo operates call centres, an online panel and numerous online and on mobile communities for market research in Indonesia.

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