Vietnam Consumer Trends 2022

A presentation from Cimigo market research on Vietnam Consumer Trends 2022.  Cimigo assesses the consumer trends and expectations for 2022 in Vietnam. Discover the economic, social and consumer trends in Vietnam.


If you prefer to listen to the presentation being delivered, you may do so here;  Vietnam Consumer Trends 2022.


10 trends accelerating Vietnam’s dynamism

The presentation explores the 10 trends accelerating Vietnam’s dynamism.

The speed of change will accelerate through 2030. Opportunities to leapfrog abound. Sector-wide tech adoption will continue to leapfrog the development paths followed by mature markets.

  1. Vietnam is the 4th largest economy in SE Asia. The most interconnected trading nation globally.
  2. Middle-class acceleration. Migration and lower birth rates mean households are smaller and slightly wealthier.
  3. Rapid urbanisation provides challenges, but high efficiency and convenience. The rural population is shrinking fast.
  4. More women work in Vietnam than anywhere else in the region. Vietnam enjoys a huge demographic dividend owing to low dependency ratios on earners.
  5. A staggering drop in the birth rate and an aging population will take hold in the 2030s. Elderly dependents will become a key challenge in 2040s.
  6. Digital and modern trade expansion makes in-roads into provincial towns and rural households. The experience economy if flying.
  7. Online shopping will surpass the modern trade share of sales in 2028.
  8. Internet economy at US$21 billion shifts consumer priorities.
  9. Vietnam’s digital society and media are bringing the worldview of the digital generation (aged 16-29) across urban and rural society even closer.
  10. Financial inclusion is near-universal and digital payment supremacy is nigh.

Vietnam consumer trends 2022

The presentation  reviews;

Vietnam in focus

Economic development and progress to date, household wealth changes, Covid impact and consumer behaviour shifts.

Vietnam’s 2022 economic outlook

Recovery and resilience for the economy, manufacturing, retail sales, changing household wealth.

Demographic shifts in Vietnam

The changing demographic structures, declining birth rates, smaller household size,  change in urban and rural strata and the shifting age profile of Vietnam.

Vietnamese shopper dynamics

How shopping habits are changing, the shift in retail channels and expectations for the future.

Reaching Vietnamese consumers

The internet economy, media changes across urban and rural Vietnam and how these developments are bringing the view of rural and urban Vietnam far closer together.

Growth in financial services in Vietnam

Banking penetration, bank momentum and the rise of e-wallets.