Selling to Vietnamese Consumers

Richard Burrage
Nov 09, 2021

This Selling to Vietnamese Consumers presentation is ideal for international business executives and investors to Vietnam. Prepared and presented in November 2021 to executives in Australia seeking to learn more about the business opportunities in Vietnam’s consumer economy.

Vietnam in focus

A very short review of Vietnam’s history and how it has shaped the Vietnamese psyche and led to the formidable economic development In Vietnam.

Navigating Vietnam’s 2021 economic recovery

The Covid pandemic was akin to a speed bump in Vietnam’s economic progress.  Navigating changing consumer behaviour and a prognosis for the recovery consumer demand is provided.

Demographic shifts in Vietnam

Vietnam’s demographic dividend and the positive impact on economic progress. It highlights the rapid urbanisation of Vietnam, the growth of the middle class in Vietnam. Finally, the section looks ahead to the shift in age structure and the future dominance of the aging senior Silver Generation.

Vietnamese values

Understanding the values that drive choices for Vietnamese consumers.

Vietnamese shopper dynamics

Exploring the unique shopping behaviours of Vietnamese consumers, the role of country of origin and the forces shifting grocery shopping from traditional grocery to modern retail formats and e-commerce in Vietnamese all critical to selling to Vietnamese consumers.

Vietnamese food and beverages

A review of Vietnam’s rich culture in food, beverages and snacking repertoire and moments.

Reaching Vietnamese consumers

Exploring media behaviour, online shopping, the digital economy and e-wallets in Vietnam. Keeping up with the Nguyen’s with consumer finance in Vietnam, the rise of e-wallets and shifting spending priorities from ownership to experience are reviewed.

Looking ahead from Vietnam

A summary of the drivers of growth for the Vietnamese consumer economy and a reminder of Vietnam’s habit of leap-frogging the market developments experience in more mature markets.

Selling to Vietnamese Consumers is free to download here.