Injecting more fun into drinking yoghurt, Vietnam Asia

YoMost drinking yoghurt, a long time teen brand delivering a taste indulgence successfully to a target group spanning children to young adults.   YoMost Jellyz launched in October 2015 seeks to add a new taste sensation to reinvigorate the brand adding small jelly pieces in the latest addition to the YoMost portfolio of flavours.  Many fruit based brands have added pulp in the past, seeking to deliver more fruit and health related authenticity.  Jelly is traditionally seen in traditional sweet soups in Vietnam and in the past three years has been a key ingredient in bubble tea teen craze where prepared beverages include tapioca or jelly pieces.  This is the first time that Cimgio have seen jelly in a branded packaged beverage in Vietnam.


Currently the beverage is imported from Thailand, no doubt leveraging recent eliminations of import duties within  ASEAN.  If demand gains traction production may well be on-shored.  The pack is also a move away from single serve and moment consumption necessitated by a tetra pak with straw to a re-seal-able cap on a wide neck. This may assist in lessening associations as a kid and tween beverage (with straw) and help to secure more teen and young adult consumers. Assuming the taste sensation satisfies, the only barrier maybe the price point at 10,000d for a 180ml bottle versus the existing tetra pak range at 7,000d for a 180ml carton.

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