Consumer healthcare trends Vietnam Asia

Nov 14, 2015

Consumer healthcare trends Vietnam Asia

Cimigo, market research companies Vietnam Asia, market research reports Consumer Healthcare Trends Vietnam Asia explores the drivers behind the growth in the pharmaceutical industry, changing attitudes to healthcare, prevalence of diseases and treatments.  The market research report on consumer healthcare trends Vietnam Asia, considers the relative influence of consumers, pharmacies and healthcare practitioners for marketing budgets.

Consumer health and wellness awareness Vietnam Asia

Consumer awareness of healthcare is evolving rapidly.   Cimigo, market research companies Vietnam Asia, market research reports Vietnamese Consumers Healthy Choices Vietnam Asia noted that there are not enough healthy brands to satisfy consumer desires.   Household expenditure in Vietnam on healthcare remains dominated by traditional remedies which account for 60% of spend versus 40% for modern medicine.

Healthy marketing propositions are exploding in Vietnam today.  Wellness marketing is behind many growth brands in Vietnam Asia.  There were over 300 pharmaceutical TVCs (TV commercials) on air in Vietnam during 2015.  The vast majority (over 80%) were from local pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam advertising traditional wellness remedies.

Driving strong growth in healthcare Vietnam Asia

The growth opportunities for health and wellness remedies and modern medicine in Vietnam Asia will continue to be very strong.  The key growth drivers are;

  1. Potential for share of spend gain from traditional remedies to modern medicine.
  2. Increased health awareness.  Better patient awareness, online information search and even compliance with prescribed treatments.
  3. Key contributors to increased health awareness; 1) healthy marketing platforms for pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, 2) an explosion in local pharma communication on TV and 3) online resources for consumers.
  4. Urbanisation and changing urban lifestyles impacting the health and wellness of Vietnamese consumers.
  5. Increasing patient power in treatment choice (even ethical).  Shifting influence from doctors to self and pharmacists (for non chronic ailments).
  6. Rural awareness and accessibility (affordable and available) are improving. Remember that the local health care system is rural Vietnam remains KING.  Rural consumers in Vietnam remain reactive, placing great import on Healthcare Practitioners and in particular the public district medical centres.

Cimigo digital market research agency Vietnam Asia

Cimigo Vietnam is an Asian focused consumer market research agency, we pride ourselves on being agile aided by the use of the latest technology to capture the true voice of consumers in Vietnam, Asia. All of our data collection is digital in Vietnam. Cimigo Vietnam has seven offices in Vietnam; Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Danang, Can Tho, Hai Phong, Vinh and Nha Trang. Cimigo has one hundred and thirty market researchers in Vietnam and six hundred field interviewers armed with tablets. Cimigo operates five call centres, an online panel and numerous online and on mobile communities for market research.

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