May 28, 2021

The client was known as an expert in therapeutic solutions and they were stretching their brand into the cosmetic space. Pending the launch of a cosmetic sub-brand, they needed to evolve the overall brand framework and identify the role for the cosmetic sub-brand.


Cimigo delivered an integrated process of strategy sessions and primary research allowing our client to develop a roadmap for moving their brand forward.

Better choices

Clear directions were set for umbrella brand with strong buy-in across key stakeholders. A creative brief for communications development for the sub-brand was developed. 

Innovation programme

May 28, 2021

Building a beverage innovation

Discovery programme

May 28, 2021

A dominant player in a fast moving category embarked on

Stuck not loyal

Jun 22, 2021

"My bank is ok I’ll probably stick with it. I wouldn’t recommend it to