From baby soft to romance

Brand marketing by life stage

Fabric softeners offer a great example of brand marketing by life stage. Brands seek to leverage the new baby as a key life changing moment impacting purchase priorities for Mums and simultaneously delivering the softness message. Downy Baby Gentle from Procter and Gamble Vietnam is a new variant launched in March 2016.

The new TV advertisement above has been accompanied by in store activities such as the baby race shown below.

brand marketing by life stage

P&G have sought to move beyond the new baby life stage into romance.  The reality is that most Vietnamese newly married couples conceive within six months of their wedding. Downy Romance seeks to preempt the baby and the competition from Unilever’s Comfort and win consumer hearts (literally) at an earlier life stage.

brand marketing by life stage

That said we do hope that not too many men sought to secure their lover’s heart with this gift on woman’s day.

brand marketing by life stage

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