Bakmi Mewah luxury meets noodles Indonesia Asia

Instant noodles are a staple in the Indonesia’s collective diet. Bakmi Mewah (Luxurious Noodles) joins the market with a unique luxury proposition that redefines the category. More than instant noodles as we know them, Bakmi Mewah is closer to the chicken noodles (Mie Ayam) served by hawkers, providing slices of chicken, mushrooms, and dried leeks to complete your meal. The packing reinforces the proposition, not a plastic pack but a luxurious carton box.

Even the seasoning is different, not a small plastic pouch with powder, but instead, Bakmi Mewah sports a seasoning paste with a mix of oil, seasoning, and salt soy sauce. No powder suggests no monosodium glutamate (MSG) implying a healthier meal. Compared to a hawker meal at a typical IDR 10,000 price tag, Bakmi Mewah is retailing at IDR 7,000. Regular instant noodles are a mere IDR 2,000.

Whether Bakmi Mewah sources business from hackers (more hygienic, no MSG, convenience) or other instant noodle brands (more luxurious, more nutritious) remains to be seen. However, this noodle innovation is yet more evidence of marketers responding to consumer trends in Indonesia, Asia for heather lifestyles.

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