​TOP coffee – nostalgia in a coffee cup Indonesia, Asia

TOP Coffee is one of the newest coffee brands in Indonesia. It is a brand from Wings Food, which launched in 2012. It is a mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee.

TOP Coffee marketing focuses on brand ambassador, Iwan Fals. A famous Indonesian singer in late 80s to 90s. His songs are known have strong characteristic about Indonesia and have the one of the biggest fan bases across Indonesia, called OI (‘Orang Indonesia’ or Indonesian). In TOP Coffee’s latest TVC, TOP Coffee Susu Kental Manis or TOP Coffee Sweetened Condensed Milk (SCM), Iwan Fals gathers with young people when one offers him a coffee with SCM. After that, Iwan challenges them, “Can you make a cup of coffee plus SCM as good as in my era?”



In the past, consumers had to mix the coffee and the SCM with the right dose to get the perfect taste we want. TOP Coffee delivers a convenient instant coffee with just the right mix of SCM in a sachet.   A novelty to urban young adults but a blast form the past for older adults.  TOP Coffee is being different in a competitive landscape of instant coffee by bringing back a traditional authentic coffee taste with convenience.  With luck it will remind many consumers of that sense of community and sharing enjoyed over coffee at stalls (warung kopi) in days past.

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Cimigo digital market research agency Indonesia Asia

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