Vietnam consumer market trends 2016

The transformation of Vietnam between 2005 and 2015 demonstrates the rapidly changing consumer marketing environment.  The report highlights the ten Vietnam consumer market trends in 2016, impacting the purchase priorities of consumers in Vietnam

  1. High income households double in 10 years in Vietnam.
  2. Life stages in Vietnam are maturing. Kids are less influential in determining purchase priorities.
  3. The rise of new retail chasing share before profits in Vietnam.
  4. The rise beer clubs, cafes and casual fast service restaurant chains grow in Vietnam.
  5. Health consciousness in Vietnam translates into action and spend.
  6. Conspicuous consumption has always been mobile in Vietnam.
  7. Keeping up with the Nguyen’s with consumer finance in Vietnam.
  8. Self expression immediacy in Vietnam.
  9. Mobile drives internet penetration and habits in Vietnam.
  10. Consumers in Vietnam shift from brand ownership to new experiences.
Vietnam consumer market trends 2016