Vietnam Q3 2022 economic performance

Richard Burrage
Oct 07, 2022

Vietnam Q3 2022 economic performance

There will be a GDP growth of approximately 7.4% in 2022.

Vietnam’s Q3 2022 economic performance looks outstanding. Note the comparison with Q3 2021 when Vietnam was locked down hence we see some staggering growth in many economic metrics.

Compared to Q3 2021 GDP grew 13.7%, retail sales increased 61% and disbursed foreign direct investment reached new highs of US$15.43 billion.  Manufacturing output growth continues. The consumer price index is under pressure but remains well-managed.   Export growth is at 15%.  Vietnam is on track to hit a GDP growth forecast of 7.4%.

Vietnam Q3 2022 economic performance

Learn more about the Vietnam 2022 economic performance and the prospects for Vietnam’s consumer demand growth here. Consumer dynamism and economic growth have rebounded and are expected to continue unabated.

Vietnam’s retail sales have surpassed pre-pandemic levels

Retail sales of goods and services have long since recovered. The chart below indexes Vietnamese consumer expenditure against pre-pandemic expenditure using September 2019 as a baseline, indexed at 100. Retail sales of goods in Vietnam have recovered more quickly than retail services (tourism, hospitality and services). Vietnamese consumer expenditure on retail services in Vietnam continues to recover .exceeding pre-pandemic levels since July 2022.

Vietnam retail sales of goods and services 2022


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