Vietnam 2022 economic performance

Richard Burrage
Jul 01, 2022

Vietnam 2022 economic performance. Vietnam’s bounce back is now complete! In February 2022, Cimigo noted that retail sales of goods had bounced back to pre-pandemic 2019 levels. Cimigo expected retail services (tourism, hospitality and services) to recover by September. We were wrong. Consumer expenditure on services is back to pre-pandemic levels already.

Compared to Q2 2021 GDP grew 7.7%, retail sales increased 19.5% and disbursed foreign direct investment reached new highs of US$10.06 billion.  The manufacturing industry is hiring at a record pace and jobs are being created. The consumer price index is under pressure but remains well managed.   Export growth is at 22% although in Q2 2022 there is a small trade deficit.  Vietnam is on track to hit Cimigo’s GDP forecast of 6.5%.

Vietnam Q2 2022 Economic Progress

Learn more about the Vietnam 2022 economic performance and the prospects for Vietnam’s consumer demand growth here. Consumer dynamism and economic growth have rebounded and are expected to continue unabated.


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