Charity in Vietnam

Richard Burrage
Jun 14, 2022

Cimigo conducted a study on Charity in Vietnam amongst the general public in December 2021.  Cimigo interviewed 600 people aged 16 to 44 years, living in urban HCMC and Hanoi. The report explains:

  • Behaviour and intentions towards charity in Vietnam.
  • Drivers towards and causes for charity in Vietnam.
  • People’s perception of charities.

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Vietnamese charitable causes

Giving to charity in Vietnam prevalence 2021

Understanding how the Vietnamese select charitable causes and perceive different charities and organisations in Vietnam will assist both charitable communications and fundraising. It is Cimigo’s hope that this report will help charitable fundraising in Vietnam and enable charities to better meet the needs of their potential donors, determine how best to reach them and which giving or payment methods are the most effective.

For a solid overview of the charity landscape in Vietnam, Cimigo recommends reading the Ho Chi Minh Peace and Development Foundation (HPDF) report titled, Philanthropy Ecosystem in Vietnam: A Field Study.

Charity in Vietnam

Vietnamese people are very supportive of charity.  Children’s development, followed by supporting vulnerable people are claimed as the more important causes to support. 50% of Vietnamese had given to charity in the past 12 months.

The prevalence of charitable giving in Vietnam is highest for those over 30 and those married with children. Prevalence increases with educational attainment.

8 in 10 donors contributed to Covid-19 support in the past 12 months and 46% increased charitable giving during Covid. The majority (83%) donated more than twice in the past 12 months and money was the most popular form of contribution.

Download the free presentation on charity in Vietnam here.

Charitable recipients in Vietnam

Charities and local governments dominate recipients of donations. Celebrities’ key opinion leaders were very effective at raising donations, although well-intended many subsequently failed in transparency, the competency and agility to deploy funds to those in need quickly.


Charitable recipients in Vietnam 2021


Overcoming barriers to charity in Vietnam

The main barriers after affordability, are: afraid of corruption, not sure how to donate and a lack of knowledge and trust in the charity organisation. Whilst 50% had given to charity,  75% are willing to donate to charitable causes, but barriers must be addressed.

Most are willing to donate VND50,000 to VND200,000 per donation. The mean average is VND450,000. One quarter would prefer to donate regularly each month.  People expect on average 85% of the value of each donation to reach beneficiaries. Allowing 15% for overheads. Although 27% expect 100% to reach beneficiaries.  People refer to donate in cash, followed by bank transfer and then e-wallet.

Effectively communicating

Awareness needs to be built significantly for local charities. The main sources of awareness for charities for cash donations in the past 12 months include; friends, direct communication, Facebook and e-wallets.  The conversion from awareness to donation is by far the highest for the Government’s Covid appeal, with 49% of those aware of the appeal donating.

Charity awareness in Vietnam 2021

Motivating charity donations in Vietnam

In order to promote giving to people, charity organisations must demonstrate; transparency in the use of donations and the agility to quickly support people in need.  Thereafter to motivate people charities must; have a trusted reputation, no risk of corruption and be wise and thrifty in the support provided.

Drivers of charitable giving in Vietnam 2021

Cimigo conducted this study to help raise awareness of charitable giving in Vietnam.  The aim is to assist charities in Vietnam understand how people give, why they choose to give to one charity and not another and perhaps more importantly what prevents them from giving more.  The study was conducted in collaboration with two local organisations, Saigon Children and the LIN Centre who share a common passion for the development of charity in Vietnam.

Please download the free report here for more information.

Download the free presentation on charity in Vietnam here.


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