Online grocery retail convenience, Indonesia Asia

Online grocery retail enters a new level of convenience in Indonesia Asia.  With a plethora of online grocery shopping sites such as Happy Fresh a new level of convenience is available with pre-prepared meals either ready to cook or eat being available at Berry Kitchen.

New heights of convenience for online grocery retail

The online groceries can be ordered single or in large quantities. Not only for catering, Berry Kitchen also provides ‘ready to eat’ food such as bento, snacks and drinks that are ready to consumed.  Located in Tomang, West Jakarta, Berry Kitchen also sells ‘ready to cook’ food. The cooking ingredients and seasoning are prepared – they are cut & measured/dosed and arrive complete with instructions for cooking.

Online grocery retail convenience, Indonesia Asia

Berry Kitchen offers practicality and simplicity. People can just order online, the delivery is free and the payment method seamless. The model taps into the ultimate convenience, still enables mum to demonstrate her love in cooking for her husband and children and feeds the need for fresh and health conscious lifestyles.

Berry Kitchen raised a US$1.25 million series A funding in mid 2015, led by US-based Sovereign’s Capital and followed by existing investor East Ventures. With these funds, Berry Kitchen aims to increase deliveries five-fold within a year and plans to expand its geographic reach.

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