McDonald’s emotional activation

McDonald’s is celebrating its 25th years in Indonesia. McDonald’s is asking consumers to reminisce happy times spent with them.  Emphasising the happiness and enjoyment at McDonald’s and not just telling consumers about the delights of their menu. McDonald’s emotional activation is placing emotion before function.

McDonald’s emotional activation before function

McDonald’s consumers may participate in various engaging emotional activations  including a long march parade that was held on Sarinah Thamrin, Central Jakarta in February. The theme was ‘Bring Back Lovin’ Memories’. With the ‘Bring Back Lovin Memories’ theme, McDonald’s held a contest where consumer’s were invited to share their photo and memories, whilst enjoying McDonald’s with friends and families. The best story will be used for McDonald’s upcoming TV advertisement.

There is also an event to introduce a new jingle of McDonald’s re-arrange by Malliq & D’ Essentials (a popular band in Indonesia). If consumers can memorise and sing the full jingle during the event, they would get a free meal from McDonald’s. Jingles are under utilised by today’s marketers and Cimigo has proven time and time again in our Asia advertising research, that they provide a powerful hook to evoke memories of a brand and all that it connotes.

Somewhat similar to the famous and hugely successful Big Mac campaign of 1974 (yes I am old enough to recall this) where the Big Mac name was popularised by an advertising campaign featuring a list of the ingredients in a Big Mac: “Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – on a sesame seed bun”.

McDonald’s consumers, as well as young fans of Maliq & d’Essentials, will likely be more than happy to participate.

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