Mapping customer journeys

Cimigo constantly assist clients in mapping customer journeys, so that they may work to improve customer experience. From financial services to e-commerce to automotive sales there is no shortage of empirical evidence that moving beyond single customer touch points improves customer acquisition, experience satisfaction, retention and revenues per customer.

Mapping customer journeys pays dividends

The rise of e-commerce platforms in Asia meshing with bricks and mortar retail make the customer journey ever more important.  Many platforms currently fail to understand how the two interact and focus on at e-platform visits and sales conversions in isolation.

With a thorough understanding and mapping of customer journeys the return on investment in e-commerce platforms becomes more evident with the impact on foot traffic and in store conversions and up selling.  The ability to mesh e-platforms and in store mechanics can be far better deployed to measure the impact, improve upon it and encourage more sales conversions in the customer journey.  A journey which is rarely a linear!

A recent article by McKinsey highlights show many companies focus on discreet touch points without consideration of the total journey.  Most companies perform fairly well on touch points, but distinctive performance on journeys can set a company apart. Delivering a distinctive journey experience makes it more likely that customers repeat a purchase, spend more, recommend to their friends, and stay with your company.  

Mapping customer journeys is easy

Whether life insurance, automotive service or buying a new laptop mapping customer journeys is easy. The process need not be time and cost exhaustive.  Cimigo employs a combination of observational and primary research, often with mobile research to easily capture observations.   Consumers can readily and easily capture their journey on our mobile application and in depth interviews explore the relevant stages of; sales or service approach, search, social validation, persuasion, commitment.

Visually mapping the many consumer journeys and combining these with in depth interviews to understand what motivated, delighted, confused, frustrated and inhibited consumers is key. The actions required to improve the experience become immediately visible.  This enables action plans to be built that deliver far improved customer experiences, more efficient acquisition and improved revenue.  Many of the most impactful actions are easily deployed and like a good customer insight are extremely obvious with the power of hindsight.




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