Cimigo on Energy Use in Vietnam 2013

Richard Burrage, Managing Partner, Cimigo is a keynote speaker at the Sustainable Built Environment For Now And The Future conference in Hanoi on March 26-27th ( Energy needs for Vietnam will require US$124 billion to meet energy demands by 2030.  Residential energy use accounts for 37% of electricity demand in Vietnam.

Based on a Cimigo nationwide online survey in March 2013 of 1,400 households, Richard highlighted the energy use by household and the impact of household composition, appliances and building materials. Richard discussed the prevalence of conservation and attitudes to renewable energy amongst Vietnamese households.  For more information download the report here. This is a part of the Cimigo giving back programme which includes; Vietnamese Attitudes to Philanthropy, Vietnam’s NetCitizens and so much more, available here.

The conference is part of a three year international project and was sponsored by the British Government, to develop and transfer latest knowledge regarding sustainable construction from three of the leading universities in the UK, Loughborough University, University of Liverpool and Queen’s University Belfast to the National University of Civil Engineering in Vietnam (NUCE Vietnam).

The fulll report is available in English and in Vietnamese

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