Market research team in Vietnam and Indonesia


Cimigo’s market research team in Vietnam and Indonesia love to help you make better choices. Cimigo’s team is dynamic, fun and young at heart (if not age). Cimigo offers a great diversity of experience, perspectives and passions.


Cimigo’s market research team will answer your most difficult questions to deliver inspiration and help you make better choices. The team does this by putting the customers at the heart of your business decisions, to help you make better choices.


National QC Manager  

Truong Nguyen

Truong joined Cimigo in 2003 and manages data collection quality control teams nationally. Truing began his career as an interviewer. Having progressed through different roles in operations Truong brings strong and confident management which has built Cimigo’s reputation as providing the highest quality data collection in Vietnam. Truong holds a BA degree in Business Administration.

Business Analytics Manager  

Thanh Duong

Thanh joined Cimigo in 2003. Thanh leads the business analytics team, programming, interrogating, analysing and visualising data to ensure clients can make informed choices.

Senior Project Manager  

Eky Sri Handayani

Eky has 10 years of experience in project management, especially for international clients. Her people skills and reliability support her passion in client servicing and project management. You can be sure your project will be handled well with Eky at the helm!

Finance Manager  

Bay Le

Bay joined Cimigo in 2016 and leads the finance team in Vietnam. She ensures the rest of the Cimigo team remain grounded in smart planning and meet their budgets.

Senior Research Manager  

Yanne Flowrensia

Yanne has 9 years of experience working in market research as a quantitative specialist. She has proven herself as a reliable and capable research consultant. Her numeric and statistical knowledge add many advanced techniques to her research toolbox.

Data Processing Manager  


Firman has 20 years of experience in market research. He is experienced in planning, organising and directing data analysis help clients make better choices.

Field Manager  


Yuli has 10 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative fieldwork management. Yuli manages Cimigo’s data collection team. She is driven to ensure that her team delivers all projects to meet clients expectations whilst meeting Cimigo’s quality standards.

Online Community Manager  

Dung Luong

Dung leads Cimigo’s online communities’ team. She ensures that Cimigo’s communities keep growing by providing engaging content and rewards. In 2021 her team manage 340,000 consumers across various communities, which the rest of the team can tap into for market and consumer insights.

Senior Research Manager  

Kenny Alhdrin Tirtawirya

Kenny is a research consultant with 9 years of experience. Kenny has helped many brands in building their businesses by providing insights from consumers. He is constantly curious about consumer behaviour and is driven to understand it.