Snacking on instant noodles Indonesia

Snacking on instant noodles is popular with brands like Indomie Goreng (fried) instant noodles. These are renowned for their portable convenience and on the go snacking. Indomie is the dominant instant noodle brand in Indonesia from Indofood. Indomie is constantly growing the instant noodle category through innovation and flavour extensions.  Indomie’s most popular fried noodles are Indomie Goreng or for the soup variant; Ayam Bawang and Soto.

More on the go snacking on instant noodles

In February 2016 Indomie launched its two popular variants of instant soup based noodles – Soto and Ayam Bawang – into fried noodle formats.   This makes instant noddle snacking on the go far easier and most importantly for Indonesian mums, enables it to be readily added to their kid’s lunch box.

Whether with soup or fried, no longer needs to be debated, the choice is now all with the Indonesian consumer.

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