Vietnam NetCitizens Report 2011 (English)

Th4 26, 2011

This report shows results of the largest and most comprehensive study on internet usage ever done in Vietnam and sheds light into many areas of internet usage where no well-founded knowledge was available before. It shows who is online, how long, how frequently, what activities do they do, which sites do they visit, how do they think about online shopping and how the internet effects their lives. Cimigo market research initiated this study with the aim to create a better understanding of the Vietnamese internet market. Since 2007 Cimigo has published studies annually on HCMC and Hanoi internet usage. This report has been expanded to include 12 cities in Vietnam. It is based on a representative selection of more than 3300 internet users. Table of content: 1. Introduction p.6 2. Internet penetration and usage p.8 3. Online activities and applications p.17 4. Visited websites p.30 5. Internet attitudes p.38 6. Mobile internet p.43 7. Demographic differences p.45