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Report Published Oct 2020
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Indonesia consumer research: Living with the pandemic

In our series monitoring the impact of the pandemic on consumer behaviour in Indonesia, Cimigo conducted consumer research to uncover how consumers habits and attitudes have adapted to the current conditions, and what, if any, has changed since our previous report at the height of the initial Covid-19 outbreak. Read the accompanying article here; Indonesia consumer research: Living with the pandemic.

As various local provincial governments enact measures to curb the spread of the virus, with varying degrees of restrictions and success, Indonesians have become more accustomed to living with the pandemic. Partial lockdowns or “PSBB” in some major cities such as Jakarta have been implemented following the ebb and flow of Covid infection numbers, which understandably creates uncertainty and restlessness among residents.

For this consumer research in Indonesia, Cimigo combined primary data from qualitative interviews of n=10 adult respondents aged 25-50 years from Middle Class and Affluent backgrounds in the Greater Jakarta (Jadetabek) area and secondary data from desk research.