Promoting retirement plans – simply

Promoting retirement plans – simply“Why on earth would I save for my retirement; I have had four children; I’ve educated them well - morally and academically.”

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“They will look after me and ensure that I have all I need.  All I have goes on their education. They are my retirement.” 

Saving for retirement in a developing economy where family has provided for the elderly is a novel concept.
​It holds communication, education and persuasion challenges. 


We spoke to those in their 30s, 40s and right up to their 70s.

Cimigo sought to understand the barriers and how to overcome them. We wanted to find the right emotional triggers.

We needed to do so in simple non-financial language that would be readily understood. We built different communication concepts, we exposed them, listened, re-wrote them over and over.


We understood the barriers clearly, and offered strategies accordingly 

The barriers to insurance companies and their sugar coated agents came as a surprise.

The marketing route had to change, credibility and trust had to be built and messaging had to focus not on retirement but confidence in achieving life goals and the journey to get there.

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