Philanthropy in Vietnam

Cimigo conducted a study on Philanthropy in Vietnam amongst the general public in December 2021.  Cimgio interviewed 600 people aged 16 to 44 years, living in urban HCMC and Hanoi. The report explains:

  • Behaviour and intentions towards philanthropy.
  • Drivers towards and causes for philanthropy.
  • People’s perception of charities.


Cimigo conducted this study to help raise awareness of charitable giving in Vietnam.  The aim is to assist charities in Vietnam understand how people give, why they choose to give to one charity and not another and perhaps more importantly what prevents them from giving more.

The study was conducted in collaboration with two local organisations, Saigon Children and the LIN Centre who share a common passion for the development of philanthropy in Vietnam.

Vietnamese charitable causes

Understanding how the Vietnamese select charitable causes and perceive different charities and organisations in Vietnam will assist both charitable communications and fundraising. It is Cimgio’s hope that this report will help charitable fundraising in Vietnam and enable charities to better meet the needs of their potential donors, determine how best to reach them and which giving or payment methods are the most effective.

Philanthropy in Vietnam

The free report is available to download.  The contents page is replicated below.

  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Philanthropy prevalence
  • Donation behaviour
  • Intentions towards cash donations
  • Charity awareness and sources
  • Charity performance
  • Causes and drivers towards philanthropy
  • Charity perceptions