Industry Automobile, Consumer
Date Aired Jul 2019
Date Tested Jul 2019
Report Published Jul 2019
Target Audience Males and females, age 15+
Sample Size 300
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The Jakarta MRT is the long-awaited public transport solution for Jakarta’s notorious traffic gridlock. Phase 1 took 5+ years to build, and was officially launched on 24 March 2019. By May 2019, the system carries 70-80K passengers per day on weekdays, and 90K or more per day on weekends and holidays.

Cimigo spoke to 300 residents of Greater Jakarta in May 2019 to seek their opinions & experiences of the MRT.

The public has a positive view towards the MRT – it is seen as a great transport solution and a point of pride for Jakarta.

The cleanliness, punctuality & speed of the trains, were particular points that impressed riders, overall satisfaction with the MRT is high.

We found three main segments of MRT riders with distinct riding patterns:

Heavy Users (18% of riders) rely on the MRT for their daily transport for a wide range of purposes – they are most likely to find the MRT convenient.
Weekday Warriors (27% of riders) are weekday commuters who use the MRT to get to work or school.
Fun Seekers (55% of riders) mainly ride the MRT occasionally, mostly on weekends, for recreational purposes (“jalan-jalan”) – these are people who may ride the MRT for its novelty and to share their experience on social media.
The MRT line currently has limited coverage and lacks integration to other public transport systems. Ojek Online (“Ojol” or app-based motorcycle taxis) is currently a crucial first-mile and last-mile transport option for MRT riders.

Enthusiasm to try the MRT among non-riders is very high, setting an encouraging precedent for the service as it expands over the coming years.

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