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Report Published Feb 2018
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Cimigo, the leading market research company in Vietnam, has identified the major trends in consumer marketing in 2018. Vietnam continues to be growing economy, an important force to understand in the global marketplace. Vietnam is constantly pushing the limits in growth and this leads to a sharp dichotomy in many market forces.

Opposing market forces impacting consumer behaviour in Vietnam. This report addresses the major trends in consumer marketing in 2018.

1. Poor to rich households in Vietnam
2. Rural to urban population in Vietnam
3. Ho Chi Minh City momentum faster than Hanoi
4. Spacious to high density living in Vietnam
5. Risk averse to entrepreneurial empowerment in Vietnam
6. Homogenous consumer packaged goods to highly fragmented in Vietnam
7. Young to old population growth in Vietnam
8. Purchase priorities shift from ownership to experiences as the new signals of success in Vietnam
9. Local and Asian brands outpace global brands in Vietnam
10. Movement from fresh foods to safer packaged foods in Vietnam
11. Traditional trade still wins over modern trade stores in Vietnam
12. Experiential food and beverage (F&B) outlets versus chain efficiencies in Vietnam
13. More data, more marketing fools

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