Vietnam uninterrupted: a twenty-year journey

Mar 18, 2024

Trends in Vietnam: Vietnam uninterrupted: a twenty-year journey

Trends in Vietnam. Witness Vietnam’s transformation in Vietnam uninterrupted: a twenty-year journey. Uncover the dramatic economic and social shifts that have reshaped Vietnam. From a booming manufacturing to a tech-savvy society, explore the trends shaping Vietnam’s dynamic consumer market.

Market research expert Richard Burrage of Cimigo provides unparalleled insights. Each trend is depicted with a photographic postcard from then in 2003 and twenty years later, now in 2023. The book marks his journey by highlighting the key trends in Vietnam; critical observations of the profound changes that shape this dynamic country.

Please enjoy this then-and-now perspective and perhaps it may help you reflect on your journey over the past 20 years.

Vietnam uninterrupted a 20 year journey - cover english

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About the book

The book explores changes in Vietnam that the author has witnessed over the last twenty years. The focus is on market and consumer trends that continue to shape dynamic Vietnam.  The trends highlighted include Vietnam’s economy, Vietnam’s manufacturing, Vietnam’s international trade, Vietnam demography,  Vietnamese digital transformation and Vietnam’s retail landscape.  Vietnamese culture and society trends include Vietnamese household shopping.  Vietnamese wealth, Vietnam’s travel, Vietnamese tourism, Vietnamese brands, Vietnamese fashion, Vietnamese beauty care, Vietnamese masculinity, Vietnamese health and wellness,  Vietnamese socialising and on-premise habits and Vietnamese media behaviour.

About the author

Richard is a UK national and resides in Ho Chi Minh City with his three children, where he has lived since 1997. Richard founded the market research agency Cimigo in 2003. Richard speaks regularly on consumer trends, innovation, advertising and customer experience. He enjoys guiding clients through innovation and has facilitated the creation of over sixty brands in Vietnam. Richard is passionate about understanding people through an ethnographic ‘lens’. This book is his tribute to all who have helped him on his journey with Cimigo in Vietnam over the past twenty years.


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Vietnam uninterrupted: a twenty-year journey

Mar 18, 2024

Trends in Vietnam: Vietnam uninterrupted: a twenty-year journey Trends in Vietnam. Witness