Philanthropic attitudes in Vietnam today

The LIN Center for Community Development ( and Cimigo are pleased to release the report on the attitudes of Vietnamese people toward supporting charities and NPOs. This report highlights current attitudes toward giving and how organisations such as LIN and other partners can support the work of NPOs. We hope you enjoy this report and continue to support LIN’s mission. The LIN Center for Community Development  serves grassroots not-for-profit organizations (NPO) and individual and corporate philanthropists.

Through bringing together NPOs & donors, resources such as expertise, knowledge, and funds can be pooled to help local people to meet local needs.

Given LIN’s aim to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic environment, Cimigo offered to conduct a study amongst the general population of Vietnam to understand their sentiments toward philanthropic activity.

We found that whilst there is a very high incidence of people giving to charitable causes in Vietnam, the frequency and size of donations is relatively low.

A critical barrier to giving appears to be “trust”.  Nearly 6-in-10 people have refused to give to a charity at some point because of concerns about the credibility of the charity.

LIN & partners appear to have a clear role in supporting grassroots NPOs through helping to boost areas such as trust and efficiencies in reaching potential donors.

This report contains the state of play of philanthropic attitudes and sentiments in Vietnam today.

We hope you enjoy this report and continue to support LIN’s mission.

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