Personalised packaging

More brands seek to involve their consumers with personalised packaging for viral marketing in Asia. For Vietnamese Woman’s Day on 8th March, Vaseline launched a campaign Only You, where consumers could add their photo to the Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair variant.  Photos could be submitted online or taken at a Vaseline booth in shopping malls.

Personalised packaging for viral marketing

Personalised packaging plays to Asian consumers’ desire to share photos and new experiences on social media. Involving consumers in such a personal way is key to the success of many viral campaigns.

Coca-Cola Vietnam first personalised packaging on their Coke cans in mid 2014 with Vietnamese names to popular success and a strong viral marketing impact. The campaign evolved to adding emoticons in 2015. In Coke’s own words; leveraging  emoticons which are integral to youth’s social currency is a way to boost the brand’s relevance in this mobile and digital era, giving us a much richer ground to engage with our consumers.

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