Data analyst associate

Cimigo is an independent research and consulting firm, employing over 300 research professionals and operating throughout Asia Pacific. The company prides itself in being an Asia specialist, investing heavily in the local region and placing customers at the heart of business growth.


Job responsibilities

Assisting team in managing data and reporting of projects
Responsible for specific research tasks assigned by senior team members. Responsibility involves ensuring that the tasks are completed in a timely and professional manner and with highest standard.
Specifically, an associate is responsible for:

• Scripting surveys in our software
• Data analysis – learning and applying the basics of SPSS, Java Scrip and other tools to analyse project data
• Inter-departmental project related communications
• Attending management and interviewer briefings


Data analysis for specific research projects

Discussing analysis requirements with project managers.
Being accountable for data integrity and accuracy. This involves liaising with all people involved in the project, including both operations staff and project team members.



We believe that you will enjoy and be fulfilled by this role if you:
• Are University/College graduate;
• English skills;
• Have programming skill is a plus;
• Have logical thinking, good time management and organizational skills, with ability to handle multi-tasks;
• Are careful, honest, initiative, and able to work under high pressure;
• Wish to work and be trained in data analysis.