Digital Marketing Manager/Community Manager

Reporting Relationships:

Reports to: Managing Director

Responsible for: Community team

Location: 217 Dien Bien Phu st, ward 15, Binh Thanh district, HCMC

Role Overview:

What you will do?

Recruit users, build up database and manage two communities, one for women with the core target being new first time mothers and the second for sport loving men.

Build and execute marketing and communication initiatives.

Engage with consumers to expose their behavior, attitudes and motivations through platform tools, conversation, competitions and surveys.

Introduce (and sell) the online communities to potential clients.

Assist with website management through WordPress.

Develop advertising plans to build and grow awareness for the communities through social platforms such as Facebook, Zalo.

Client servicing and support with project advice and consulting.

Conduct performance report and propose ideas for improvement.


What you are good at?

Desire to live and breathe media inspired by the community. Content team led but also drive contributions from the community.

Lead team to attract users’ engagement and contributions.

Exhibit a desire to explore the unknown. You need to be proactive. You need try new ideas. You need to fail sometimes, learn and try again.

Desire to be curious and understand market trends.

Ability to analyze performance and build plans on what engages the community.

Experience in marketing and project management.

Good English skills.

Experience with WordPress

Experience in email marketing is a plus.

Having knowledge of SEO is a plus.

Who will I work with?

Work hand in hand with community editor, content team and market research team. Reporting to the Managing Director for guidance and development.