Vietnam consumer digital devices and behaviour

Nov 09, 2012

Vietnam consumer digital devices and behaviour


Hear Cimigo speak on Vietnam consumer digital devices and behaviour.  The Market Research Society Asia Conference 19- 20 November 2012, Fairmont Hotel, Singapore.  Learn about the impact of digital technologies on consumer behaviour in Vietnam.  Learn how this leading-edge market research on digital devices and consumer behaviour in Vietnam will impact your online branding strategy. Find out more:

  • Digital brand marketing programmes Vietnam need to shift quickly and effectively away from online marketing programs built for a consumer audience on personal computers and laptops. The shift to mobile smartphones inevitable and carries many more challenges for screen space, consumer attention and time allocation. Today even at the most basic level, the vast majority of brand owned online assets in Vietnam are yet to be mobile ready.
  • Digital brand marketing resources Vietnam will need to shift and do so rapidly. These resources include time, money, skills and content. Today’s digital campaigns are commonly social media pages and updates, banners or brand owned micro sites.  A large part of the traffic is driven to brand owned assets from social media.   Getting attention will require far more resource intensive videos on mobile in order to engage Vietnam’s consumers.
  • Digital brand marketing budgets Vietnam will have to brace themselves for the winners of the real estate battle for chatting and video streaming native applications. Social media promotion in Vietnam remains inexpensive.  New dominant players in chatting and video mobile applications will be the omnipresent media channels to directly communicate with consumers. Soon the winners will be start to monetise and generate significant revenue from brands to access these consumers.

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