Ubiquitous free wifi in Vietnam

You do not have to go far in Vietnam to find free wifi.  Free wifi in Vietnam is available in nearly all cafes, restaurants, shops and now in taxis. Mai Linh Taxi launched free wifi in their taxis in early 2016. Whether tracking your drivers route or just catching up on Facebook, free wifi access has become ubiquitous in Vietnam. In 2014 the HCMC Transport Cooperatives Association introduced fee wifi on all public buses.

Danang city wide free wifi in Vietnam

Danang city, central Vietnam, provided free wifi across the city from 330 base stations to encourage e citizens and provide universal access to Danag’s residents from all economic backgrounds.

Internet penetration in Vietnam, Asia

Online penetration in Vietnam, Asia has grown to 40 million Vietnamese consumers in 2015.  Vietnam’s internet penetration is now at 44%. Market research in Vietnam, Asia conducted by the market research agency Cimigo amongst 5000 Vietnamese consumers Vietnam consumer online behaviour highlights far more urban Vietnamese consumers are online than are not. Market research Vietnam, Asia demonstrates that from grocery shoppers to credit card holders the majority of Vietnam’s consumers are online.  Key decision makers for household purchases are predominantly online. Whether it is for detergents, shampoo or pharmaceuticals Vietnam’s consumers are actively online.

Market research Vietnam, Asia highlights how three quarters of Vietnam’s consumers are looking for brands online, claiming that the internet helps them find out about new products. Two thirds of Vietnamese consumers are online every day and on average are spending 180 minutes online per day.

Ubiquitous free wifi in Vietnam be in cafe, buses, taxis or city wide in the case of Danang help propel Vietnam’s e-citizens and provide yet more opportunities for digital brand marketing.

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Cimigo, a market research agency Vietnam, Asia presents the latest consumer trends.

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