Vietnam Market Research Trends 2016

Register Now Join us for Vietnam Market Research Trends 2016 at April’s M2 – Marketing & Media Network.
Six of Vietnam’s leading market research experts who will discuss trends in Consumer, Media, Mobile, Retail and The Future of Market Research.

April 6th (Wed) at Hard Rock Cafe / 6:00pm ~ 9:00pm. Pre-paid – 250,000 VND / At the door – 350,000 VND. As with all  M2 – Marketing events there will be networking with drinks and food before and after the presentations.

The event is co-organized with ESOMAR Vietnam and the Vietnam Market Research Community – If you can attend only one event this year on market research, make sure you attend this one.

Vietnam Market Research Trends 2016

Moderator |
Lien Phuong
Tran Lien Phuong
Research Director
InsightAsia Research Group

Tran Lien Phuong [aka SKINNY], appointed as Research Director, InsightAsia Research Group, Vietnam since August 2015.

  • Research Director at Epinion | October 2011- July 2015
  • Group Account Director & Research Director, TNS Vietnam | 1996 – 2011
  • Senior Account Supervisor, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising | 1994-1996

A well-known moderator and speaker at international seminars on Brand Strategy and Communication and an “honored lecturer” at Vietnam Marcom since 2000. Experienced with many large market research projects for both local and multinational clients across multiple sectors

Skinny is a certified Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) Specialist, and one of the most senior research practitioners in Vietnam’s market research industry.

Speakers |
Richard Burrage
Managing Partner


Richard Burrage is the Managing Partner of Cimigo, a regional marketing research agency in Asia. Richard has worked across Asia Pacific consulting across a range of industries and business issues. He travels constantly. He loves advising clients on new product development, brand and communications development. Richard is a UK national, who has lived in Asia longer than his place of birth. He resides in Saigon, with his Vietnamese wife and three children.

Ralf Matthaes
Managing Director
Infocus Consultants

Topic – MOBILE

Ralf is the founder and Managing Director of Infocus Mekong Research, Vietnam’s first dedicated Mobile Market Research firm. Infocus focuses on Mobile phone data collection, specialized custom research and integrated strategic research and covers the Mekong region with partners, MDI & POD Research.

As Vietnam’s longest practicing Market Researcher, Ralf established TNS Vietnam in 1996 and over the years, set-up and ran TNS Media, Kantar Worldpanel and operations in Cambodia and Myanmar, garnering dominant market share in each market, as well as running TNS Thailand & Malaysia.

A Graduate of Wilfred Laurier University, Ralf served as Aide de Campe (read glorified coffee boy) for the Deputy Minister of Ontario Canada before succumbing to the charms of Vietnam in January of 1994.

Ricardo Glenn
Business Director
Kantar Media Vietnam

Topic – MEDIA

Ricardo Glenn is the Business Development Director of Digital and the Cambodia Market for Kantar Media Vietnam. He has more than 20 years of experience working on Marketing, Market Research & Consulting in Mexico and Vietnam.

He has worked with many of Vietnam’s leading Communications & Market Research companies including Epinion, GSK, Millward Brown and Nielsen before joining Kantar Media in 2014. He has worked with a variety of multinational companies including Coca Cola, General Motors, Mars, Nestle and WalMart.

Phil Worthington
Managing Director
Millward Brown Vietnam

Topic – The Future of Market Research

Phil Worthington is the Managing Director of Millward Brown Vietnam, responsible for overseeing the expansion of the Millward Brown brand in Vietnam.

Phil is one of the most experienced authorities on the development of brands in Vietnam, having worked in the market research industry here since 1994. His particular area of focus is on understanding brands and communication impact.

Interspersed with his time in Vietnam, Phil has also worked for market research companies in Myanmar (1997), the UK (1999-2001) and Thailand (2004-2007) and has a keen understanding of marketing in Southeast Asia. He is a key speaker at brand and marketing events in Vietnam and overseas.

Dzung Nguyen
Director, Retail Measurement
Nielsen Vietnam

Topic – RETAIL

Dzung Nguyen is Director of Nielsen Retail Measurement Services. Prior to this, he was a CMI Director of Mondelez Kinh Do and Nielsen Analytics Consulting in USA & China.

Dzung has extensive experience in market research in both developed markets (the United States) and developing markets (China & Vietnam) and a great story of driving team development and client management.

More hot consumer market research trends Vietnam Asia

Cimigo, a market research agency Vietnam, Asia presents the latest consumer trends.


Ubiquitous free wifi in Vietnam

You do not have to go far in Vietnam to find free wifi.  Free wifi in Vietnam is available in nearly all cafes, restaurants, shops and now in taxis. Mai Linh Taxi launched free wifi in their taxis in early 2016. Whether tracking your drivers route or just catching up on Facebook, free wifi access has become ubiquitous in Vietnam. In 2014 the HCMC Transport Cooperatives Association introduced fee wifi on all public buses.

Danang city wide free wifi in Vietnam

Danang city, central Vietnam, provided free wifi across the city from 330 base stations to encourage e citizens and provide universal access to Danag’s residents from all economic backgrounds.

Internet penetration in Vietnam, Asia

Online penetration in Vietnam, Asia has grown to 40 million Vietnamese consumers in 2015.  Vietnam’s internet penetration is now at 44%. Market research in Vietnam, Asia conducted by the market research agency Cimigo amongst 5000 Vietnamese consumers Vietnam consumer online behaviour highlights far more urban Vietnamese consumers are online than are not. Market research Vietnam, Asia demonstrates that from grocery shoppers to credit card holders the majority of Vietnam’s consumers are online.  Key decision makers for household purchases are predominantly online. Whether it is for detergents, shampoo or pharmaceuticals Vietnam’s consumers are actively online.

Market research Vietnam, Asia highlights how three quarters of Vietnam’s consumers are looking for brands online, claiming that the internet helps them find out about new products. Two thirds of Vietnamese consumers are online every day and on average are spending 180 minutes online per day.

Ubiquitous free wifi in Vietnam be in cafe, buses, taxis or city wide in the case of Danang help propel Vietnam’s e-citizens and provide yet more opportunities for digital brand marketing.

More hot consumer market research trends Vietnam Asia

Cimigo, a market research agency Vietnam, Asia presents the latest consumer trends.

Mapping customer journeys

Cimigo constantly assist clients in mapping customer journeys, so that they may work to improve customer experience. From financial services to e-commerce to automotive sales there is no shortage of empirical evidence that moving beyond single customer touch points improves customer acquisition, experience satisfaction, retention and revenues per customer.

Mapping customer journeys pays dividends

The rise of e-commerce platforms in Asia meshing with bricks and mortar retail make the customer journey ever more important.  Many platforms currently fail to understand how the two interact and focus on at e-platform visits and sales conversions in isolation.

With a thorough understanding and mapping of customer journeys the return on investment in e-commerce platforms becomes more evident with the impact on foot traffic and in store conversions and up selling.  The ability to mesh e-platforms and in store mechanics can be far better deployed to measure the impact, improve upon it and encourage more sales conversions in the customer journey.  A journey which is rarely a linear!

A recent article by McKinsey highlights show many companies focus on discreet touch points without consideration of the total journey.  Most companies perform fairly well on touch points, but distinctive performance on journeys can set a company apart. Delivering a distinctive journey experience makes it more likely that customers repeat a purchase, spend more, recommend to their friends, and stay with your company.  

Mapping customer journeys is easy

Whether life insurance, automotive service or buying a new laptop mapping customer journeys is easy. The process need not be time and cost exhaustive.  Cimigo employs a combination of observational and primary research, often with mobile research to easily capture observations.   Consumers can readily and easily capture their journey on our mobile application and in depth interviews explore the relevant stages of; sales or service approach, search, social validation, persuasion, commitment.

Visually mapping the many consumer journeys and combining these with in depth interviews to understand what motivated, delighted, confused, frustrated and inhibited consumers is key. The actions required to improve the experience become immediately visible.  This enables action plans to be built that deliver far improved customer experiences, more efficient acquisition and improved revenue.  Many of the most impactful actions are easily deployed and like a good customer insight are extremely obvious with the power of hindsight.