Artificial intelligence in market research builds to tsunami

Artificial intelligence in market research takes manual processes (often analytics) used in market research and automates them.  Artificial intelligence uses algorithms (formulas!) and exponential (growing really fast) processing power.  Artificial intelligence is an overused term that could also described as hyperbole! Essentially for market research, artificial intelligence provides augmented intelligence thereby improving researchers.  It provides faster, mostly better and eventually (once it hits critical mass) cheaper research.

artificial intelligence market research
Artificial intelligence tsunami hits market research

Richard Burrage, Managing Partner, Cimigo presented Cimigo’s journey with artificial intelligence tools for market research at the M2 event.

Artificial intelligence in market research has been building momentum like a wave since the early applications circa 2005.  The growth in market research applications has been the most marked since 2010 and continues to evolve. The real tsunami impact of artificial intelligence on market research is imminent, as the many tools converge and become readily available, at scale, through online platforms.

market research AI
Market research AI at Cimigo

Artificial intelligence commenced with the automation of reporting of longitudinal data or replicated studies in circa 2005.  Firstly eye tracking for shelf, pack and communication tests and secondly facial imaging to read emotional repsonses to stimulus became commercially scalable in 2010.  This is where the interest on the impact of artificial intelligence on market research really came to the fore.

Artificial intelligence spurned a new market research field of social listening circa 2011, as algorithms could be deployed to conduct sentiment analysis on large volumes of open text responses gathered through dredging and scrapping social media.

Between 2012 and 2016 new artificial intelligence market research applications have become more commercially viable (quick and cheap enough) including virtual reality testing environments, predictive analytics  and live dashboards for automated analysis, visualisation and delivery.  Automated sample selection (akin to programmatic online advertising) and survey design have now reached a scale that makes do it yourself research extremely easy, fast and cheap. Happi is an example of automated micro surveys for mobile market research.

Looking ahead Cimigo is currently piloting chat bots for asking surveys as artificial intelligence enables market research surveys to go beyond sentiment analysis to improved forms of language comprehension, placing questions and answers in the context of an ongoing conversation.  These chat bots will evolve into voice virtual interviewers in the coming 36 months.  Artificial intelligence will see market research applications improve advanced pattern recognition, enabling fast analysis of patterns across multiple market research studies to unveil new insights.

The tsunami is building, the impact will be greatest as all the artificial intelligence enabled market research tools converge and become readily accessible through online platforms.  The market research landscape will be redrawn over the coming five years.

Vietnam Market Research Trends 2016

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Six of Vietnam’s leading market research experts who will discuss trends in Consumer, Media, Mobile, Retail and The Future of Market Research.

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Vietnam Market Research Trends 2016

Moderator |
Lien Phuong
Tran Lien Phuong
Research Director
InsightAsia Research Group

Tran Lien Phuong [aka SKINNY], appointed as Research Director, InsightAsia Research Group, Vietnam since August 2015.

  • Research Director at Epinion | October 2011- July 2015
  • Group Account Director & Research Director, TNS Vietnam | 1996 – 2011
  • Senior Account Supervisor, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising | 1994-1996

A well-known moderator and speaker at international seminars on Brand Strategy and Communication and an “honored lecturer” at Vietnam Marcom since 2000. Experienced with many large market research projects for both local and multinational clients across multiple sectors

Skinny is a certified Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) Specialist, and one of the most senior research practitioners in Vietnam’s market research industry.

Speakers |
Richard Burrage
Managing Partner


Richard Burrage is the Managing Partner of Cimigo, a regional marketing research agency in Asia. Richard has worked across Asia Pacific consulting across a range of industries and business issues. He travels constantly. He loves advising clients on new product development, brand and communications development. Richard is a UK national, who has lived in Asia longer than his place of birth. He resides in Saigon, with his Vietnamese wife and three children.

Ralf Matthaes
Managing Director
Infocus Consultants

Topic – MOBILE

Ralf is the founder and Managing Director of Infocus Mekong Research, Vietnam’s first dedicated Mobile Market Research firm. Infocus focuses on Mobile phone data collection, specialized custom research and integrated strategic research and covers the Mekong region with partners, MDI & POD Research.

As Vietnam’s longest practicing Market Researcher, Ralf established TNS Vietnam in 1996 and over the years, set-up and ran TNS Media, Kantar Worldpanel and operations in Cambodia and Myanmar, garnering dominant market share in each market, as well as running TNS Thailand & Malaysia.

A Graduate of Wilfred Laurier University, Ralf served as Aide de Campe (read glorified coffee boy) for the Deputy Minister of Ontario Canada before succumbing to the charms of Vietnam in January of 1994.

Ricardo Glenn
Business Director
Kantar Media Vietnam

Topic – MEDIA

Ricardo Glenn is the Business Development Director of Digital and the Cambodia Market for Kantar Media Vietnam. He has more than 20 years of experience working on Marketing, Market Research & Consulting in Mexico and Vietnam.

He has worked with many of Vietnam’s leading Communications & Market Research companies including Epinion, GSK, Millward Brown and Nielsen before joining Kantar Media in 2014. He has worked with a variety of multinational companies including Coca Cola, General Motors, Mars, Nestle and WalMart.

Phil Worthington
Managing Director
Millward Brown Vietnam

Topic – The Future of Market Research

Phil Worthington is the Managing Director of Millward Brown Vietnam, responsible for overseeing the expansion of the Millward Brown brand in Vietnam.

Phil is one of the most experienced authorities on the development of brands in Vietnam, having worked in the market research industry here since 1994. His particular area of focus is on understanding brands and communication impact.

Interspersed with his time in Vietnam, Phil has also worked for market research companies in Myanmar (1997), the UK (1999-2001) and Thailand (2004-2007) and has a keen understanding of marketing in Southeast Asia. He is a key speaker at brand and marketing events in Vietnam and overseas.

Dzung Nguyen
Director, Retail Measurement
Nielsen Vietnam

Topic – RETAIL

Dzung Nguyen is Director of Nielsen Retail Measurement Services. Prior to this, he was a CMI Director of Mondelez Kinh Do and Nielsen Analytics Consulting in USA & China.

Dzung has extensive experience in market research in both developed markets (the United States) and developing markets (China & Vietnam) and a great story of driving team development and client management.

More hot consumer market research trends Vietnam Asia

Cimigo, a market research agency Vietnam, Asia presents the latest consumer trends.


The rise of motorbike taxi ojek app mobile Indonesia Asia

Mobile Indonesia Asia

Cimigo, market research companies Indonesia Asia presents the latest consumer trends for mobile Indonesia Asia.

Mobile disrupts transport services Indonesia Asia

The year will be remembered as the year that mobile “Ojek” (motorcycle taxi) app services took off in Jakarta Indonesia.  Spearheaded by startup Go-Jek  the mobile app landscape in Indonesia Asia has been forever changed.  This novel mobile service in Indonesia has disrupted the transport landscape, giving Indonesians a convenient option to brave the city’s notorious traffic. Innovative valet services such as courier, food delivery and shopping added a new dimension of versatility to these motorbike taxis.

Go-Jek is so successful that it was the target of a strong negative backlash from traditional Ojeks, who have seen their source of livelihood literally swiped from them on smartphone screens everywhere. Even Malaysia-based GrabTaxi decided to enter the fray with its GrabBike brand to compete in this hot new market.



Consumer market research reports Indonesia Asia from Cimigo shows that half of all smartphone users in Jakarta are users of Ojek mobile app services, having at least one such mobile app installed on their smartphones.  Almost everyone in the mobile app Ojek market have used Go-Jek, a third have used GrabBike – usage of other brands is rare.  Two-thirds of the market is owned by Go-Jek exclusively – the majority of GrabBike users also use Go-Jek.  Mobile app based Ojek users use the service roughly 6-7 times a month – usage is relatively regular.  Personal transportation is the primary use of mobile app based Ojek services. Go-Jek’s innovative courier and delivery services are being utilised by about a third of the market. Hence the disruption has moved beyond motorbike taxi services and is impacting courier services and consumer behaviour for food delivery and shopping in Indonesia..

Cimigo interviewed males and females aged 15-50 in Jabodetabek whom own a smartphone from economic classes ABCD in December 2015. Read the report here.

Cimigo digital market research agency Indonesia Asia

Cimigo Indonesia is an Asian focused consumer market research agency, we pride ourselves on being agile aided by the use of the latest technology to capture the true voice of consumers in Indonesia, Asia. All of our data collection is digital in Indonesia.

Cimigo Indonesia operates from nine cities in Indonesia.   Cimigo has forty market researchers in Indonesia and three hundred field interviewers armed with tablets. Cimigo operates call centres, an online panel and numerous online and on mobile communities for market research in Indonesia.